THE STARS ALONG THE WAY is therefore a multi-disciplinary exhibition in which urban artist Mon Devane spotlights and pays tribute to the people that live along the Way of Saint James. It features the portraits of seven people that represent an entire society. Apparently normal people with immense doses of humanity that make them larger than life, either due to their work or their vision of the world, making them truly worthy of such recognition.

The exhibition also provides us with an insight into these people and their surroundings thanks to a series of documentary videos that are available on the milestones situated at the base of each work.


Stage 27
Xermán Arias
Stage 28
Mario Mato
Stage 29
Xosé Luís Carreira
Stage 30
Isidro Pardo
Stage 31
Antón Pombo
Stage 32
O Pino
Maruja Varela
Stage 33
Santiago de Compostela
Laurie Dennett