Excerpt of the Values and Ethics Code at Hijos de Rivera

Ethical behaviour with suppliers and clients of the corporation

1. Objectivity, transparency and diligent performance

Objectivity in the selection processes of suppliers and contractors

The selection processes of suppliers and contractors for the Corporation must be carried out in terms of transparency, fairness, impartiality and objectivity, thus avoiding any conflict of interest, in accordance with the provisions set in this Code.

Thus, in any circumstance, all the people of this corporation must apply in these processes the necessary criteria of quality, opportunity and cost, always acting in defence of the interests of the company.

Diligent performance and due commercial practices

All the staff of this company will behave both internally and in front of third parties in good faith, diligently and responsibly in the development of their functions.

Therefore, the company through its staff will respect the agreements reached with customers, suppliers or any third parties, faithfully complying with the commitments made and avoiding, in any case, any type of commercial fraud.

In order to do this, the companies of this Corporation and any third parties will carry out their negotiations in a transparent, honest and informed manner, facilitating to all parties the relevant information and documentation needed for the good development of the commercial relationship.

2. Providers subject to special treatment

The Corporation and its staff must keep special diligence and care in the commercial relations with especially vulnerable suppliers, contractors or third parties, due to their very nature and structure, such as primary producers. Due to their economic relationship with the Corporation, or to any other reason, any act or conduct that could be abusive, unfair or contrary to good faith towards them must be avoided.

4. Duty of privacy and professional secrecy

All data, information and/or documentation related to the businesses, operations, negotiations and/ or transactions with clients and/or suppliers of the Corporation, is strictly confidential. Therefore, except legally stipulated obligations, any director or employee of this Corporation who, in any case, are subject to their duty of professional secrecy will not disclose such information to third parties.