It is an aromatic lager beer, with an alcoholic content of less than 1% in volume (v/v).

This is a very balanced beer with the refreshing touch of a shandy. It has a hybrid nature between sweet and acid from the flavours of beer and a touch of lemon, which boosts the bouquet (bitter taste and aroma) of hops.

Raw materials

from A Coruña

Pilsen and toasted


HdR Selection

Sugar, acidity regulator, antioxidant, lemon aroma and quillaia extract


agua, azúcar, *malta de cebada, maíz, extracto de malta, corrector de acidez: ácido cítrico, aroma de limón, lúpulo, extracto de quilaya, antioxidante: ácido ascórbico.

Nutrition information (Per 100 ml)
Energy value 114kJ / 27kcal
Fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 5,4 g of which sugars 5 g
Proteins 0 g
Salt 0 g
Classification Shandy, Radler or Clara de limón
Appearance Bright vivid colour.
Taste Very refreshing and soft, creamy on the palate and maintained aftertaste.
Bitterness 5 EBU
Colour 8 EBC
Aroma Citric (Juice and lemon peel), fresh and pleasant.
Serving temperature 4-5ºC
Alcohol 0,75%
ESP 6,5ºP
  • Fruit salads or cold soups
  • Vegetable pies or salads
  • Mushrooms
  • Steamed seafood
  • White fish