In some cities they’re already starting to put up Christmas lights and for our part, in keeping with tradition, we’re launching a new, original lager for winter, our Estrella de Navidad (Christmas Star).

On this occasion we’re presenting a recipe with lower alcohol content but which maintains the classic intensity of winter flavours and aromas, making Estrella de Navidad the perfect beer for this time of year.

This year’s recipe is made up of Pilsen malts and roasted barley grown in Galicia, as well as 2 varieties of hops (our classic Galician Nugget hops and Relax hops).

We hope you’ll enjoy it, Cheers!


Raw materials

from A Coruña

Pilsen and Galician roasted

Nugget gallego y Relax

Hijos de Rivera Lager


Agua, *malta de cebada y lúpulo

Classification Lager de invierno
Appearance Deep, bright amber coloured, with an ivory beer head, good retention and excellent lacing.
Taste Encontramos un comienzo ligeramente dulce en boca, dando paso a un largo final seco y ligeramente amargo. Destacan por igual las maltas tostadas y los lúpulos, dejando un postgusto tanto torrefacto como herbal de manera equilibrada.
Aroma Complex, pleasing aroma with subtle hints of sponge cake and dried fruit. With roasted overtones from the malts and notes of caramel and cinnamon. The freshness of the hops is expressed in the floral, herbal notes that round off the aromatic profile.
Serving temperature 6-8 ºC
Alcohol 5 º
Bitterness 25 IBU
Colour 24,5 EBC
ESP 12º
  • It’s a very versatile beer perfect for sitting around the table and enjoying typical winter dishes that can be paired with starters, main courses and desert.
  • Starters with intense flavours such as shellfish from the Galician rias or buttery delicacies like pâté or Iberico ham.
  • Fish baked or cooked with light sauces and white meat in general.
  • For sweet pairings, we choose the classic Christmas turron or baked pastries such as Roscón de Reyes.
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