This year we celebrate Christmas the way we like it again… with a beer! A new recipe inspired by two magical moments: winter and Christmas. A beer that this year is full of surprises, Surprises? You have a warmer lager in your glass than in previous editions. In addition, to our already classic Galician hops, we add the use of barley grown in the lands of Sober (Galicia). The result, an intense and homely beer made to share and celebrate. We can’t think of anything better to warm up the winter and celebrate Christmas. Cheers!

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Raw materials

from A Coruña

Pilsen and toasted

Our own lupulus grown in Galicia (variedades Nugget y Admiral)

HdR Selection


water, *barley malt and hops

Classification Special Lager / Christmas Lager
Appearance Mahogany in colour and visually clean, without haze. Crown of ivory white foam, creamy and medium persistence. It shows excellent grip in the cup.
Taste A sweet, malty entry on the palate gives way to a bitter taste, with a moderate resinous profile. A lager with a medium body and warmth, a long bitter aftertaste and mild spicy notes.
Aroma The toasted aromas provided by the malts stand out, taking us to the world of caramel and nuts (such as hazelnut). At a second level, the floral and spicy shades from the hops emerge with moderate intensity. Soft alcoholic notes are also present.
Serving temperature 6-8 ºC
Alcohol 6,6%
Bitterness 50 EBU
Colour 50 EBC
ESP 13ºP
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