Ulf K

Oberhausen / Düsseldorf, Alemania

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En 2004 recibió el Premio Max-und-Moritz del Salón del Cómic de Erlangen, y en 2009 el Premio de Libro Infantil de Renania del Norte-Westfalia. Sus libros han sido publicados en cinco idiomas. En España ha publicado La primera estrella (2006) y Hieronymus B (2007), además de ilustraciones y portadas y la serie infantil Akuratus 2 (2014), con M. Baltscheit

Ulf K Oberhausen / Düsseldorf, Alemania
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How did you get to the world of illustration?

 At the age of 14 I decided to become a comicartist. I already knew at that time that it is difficult to make a living with it. So it was clear that I would have to do illustrations as well.

How do you feel about the proposal of collaboration in the 110th Anniversary Labels Project for Estrella Galicia?

I felt very surprised being on the list of artist that were asked. But beside that I was amazed by that wonderful idea. And I am very curious to see what my colleagues have made.

What technique did you use for the execution of your labels?

I did use pencil and ink for the drawings on paper – the very classical way – and I did use Photoshop for placing the coloured areas.

What kind of positive things do you find in a beer company interacting with graphic authors and supporting their work?

Everything. It is a great thing and I really like it. Especially because we are working in a field that needs a lot of support.

What would be your definition of “culture of brewing” / “culture of beer”?

I don‘t know. I never thought of it before because beer is part of the culture – of my culture. Because I grew up in an area where people are going to drink beer instead of wine.

What was the inspiration for your labels? What did you want to transmit with them?

Because I was asked do to something that represents Germany I have looked for somehow typical German sceneries. Very soon I was sure that I want to draw something with an old town. A part where you have smaller houses and an old town gate.

For my second idea I have chosen the Rhine with Loreley – which is a very typical picture for Germany.

I have tried to bring together young and old. The old represented by the sceneries and the young/youth represented by the people in the scenes. So there is a connection between something that exists quite a long time (like drinking beer) and people who still use it.

Ulf K Oberhausen / Düsseldorf, Alemania